A go-to cocktail for a night out,  Manhattan's have been served as early as the 1870's in NYC.  In homage of our love for them, we put our rimmer spin on it, and boy oh boy are we happy that we did!  The outcome is the icing on the Manhattan cake with hints of sweet orange & ginger, cardamon, and smoked apple. 


Also pairs deliciously with mocktails, fruits, ice cream, milkshakes & desserts!




Manhattan Rimmer

  • Manhattan Recipe: 1 serving




    1 Tbsp Spice Pit Manhattan Rimmer

    2oz Rye or Bourbon

    1 oz Sweet Vermouth

    2 Dashes Angostura Bitters

    A couple of cocktail cherries (Maraschino)

    1 orange peel

    Ice for stirring


    Rimmer Directions:

    Take the orange peel and wet the rim of your cocktail glass.  Pour Spice Pit Manhattan Rimmer into a dish, then twist & press the glass until rim is coated.  Place orange peel to the side.


    Cocktail Directions:

    Place ice in a cocktail shaker.  Add the Rye or Bourbon, Vermouth and Bitters.  Stir until chilled.  Strain the drink into the glass.  Add the cherries & orange peel; enjoy!