The Story Of Spices

What Makes the Best Herbs, Spices and Chillies?

Ever Wondered what Premium and Highest Quality Means or just confused by the different standards around?

There are several factors to creating great flavoured all natural herbs, spices and chilli

1. Good Farming Skills

Growing plants is easy, growing great plants requires knowledge of the crop at hand and what they need, so the raw ingredient is good at the source and has the best chance of providing flavour

2. Good Processing Procedures

This is where the two grades can occur. Plants Flavour can be extracted and sold at a good price with low transportation costs

Some producers will extract the flavours from the root, fruit, plant before drying to obtain 1 product and then whats left over will be dried and sold as a second product

This maximises the revenue for a farmer but lowers the flavour to the consumer

Correct High Grade Food will not have their flavours extracted first

So what we are left with is what Nature intended

Turmeric is great example of this, cheaper the price less flavour you will have, the more you need to use to get the flavour which can over power the dish in texture

3. Bulking the product with cheaper product

You may have heard of this practice and it still goes on with flour being the main bad practice

BUT did you know ...

Nutmeg for example can include the shells as the rules state it is nutmeg, but the shells have no flavour at all, they are cheap and add to the weight, it is cheap to process as no shelling is required just drying all of which leads to low flavour quality product

Our nutmeg has been shelled and is 100% nut and not shell so you get 100% all natural flavour

4. You get what you Pay for

This is never truer than in the food world, the best food handled by the best people provide the best flavour, cheap food is just that, cheap and tasteless

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